About Vermicompost (Bio humus)

The expression bio humus (gr. 'bios' - alive, lat. 'humus' - land, soil) denotes processed plants by various creatures (worms, larvae, special fly species) into a organic substrate, readily admitted form for plants - mould.

In Latvia this expression is understood as a organic fertilizer which is produced with the help of Californian red hybrid-earthworms (Eisenia fetida). However it would be more accurate to call it earthworm bio humus, vermicompost (lat. 'vermes' - worms) or earthworm compost.

Bio humus is earthworm manure also known as caprolites (gr. 'kapros' - poop, manure), which is produced by transforming organic compounds in the digestive system of an earthworm as a result of a biochemical and microbiological reaction.

Bio humus is unique and environmentally friendly microbiological fertilizer which provides fertility and recovery of soil with the help microorganisms in it.While feeding, a earthworm absorbs organic and mineral matter from the soil.

Using bio humus and it's products in growing and fertilizing various plants, seedlings, vegetables, trees, bushes, crops etc. significantly reduces or eliminates the need for mineral fertilizers because plants get protected, moreover, as a result we achieve biologically pure products with high quality. In addition, this way we restore natural resources which over the decades have been destroyed in the result of artificial fertilizer and poison usage in industrial farming. Environmentally healthy farming isn't a fashion trend, but a vital necessity.

About Latvian Vermicompost Manufacturers Association

Latvian Vermicompost Manufacturers Association is a voluntary non-governmental organisation. Originally announced in year 2010 as the respective departments informative service center which has united with earthworm breeding and earthworm compost producing associated farms to accelerate the development of this field, advance mutual cooperation and the professionals growth of representatives.

The association is gathering like-minded people who think that the field of earthworm cultivating should expand. Plan of action is overseen by the board of the association. Only members of the association are competent to attend meetings.

Goals of the association:
  • forward the company's progress;
  • provide legal, organisational, technical and other prerequisites of earthworm cultivating in Latvia;
  • develop recommendations in cultivating earthworms;
  • promote the products recognition in Latvia and world market;
  • provide a successful activity of Latvian earthworm cultivators according to the European Unions general market.
Relation conditions:
  • organise and monitor scientific researches that are essential to earthworm cultivating in countries;
  • forward mutual cooperation and field specialist training;
  • help establishing contact with foreign entrepreneurs;
  • protect the interests of entrepreneurs in the country and international institutions.
Association properties:

Latvian Association of Bio humus and Californian Red Hybrid worms
Registration number: 40008168106.
Bank: JSC Swedbank, HABALV22.
Account: LV66HABA0551029661526.

For your questions or suggestions, please send us e-mail to: [email protected]

Latvijas Biohumusa Ražotāju Asociācija